Trees are everywhere but we never have too many of them. Considering the benefits we derive for trees, all we got to do is plan the tree planting properly. Finding the right tree for the right site is essential. Help from experts in the field is necessary to achieve the goal. It is important to account for the potential size the tree will develop and the objective in mind. If shade is the objective, a tree that will provide that shade but the root mass is friendly with building foundation is important. If the objective is color to provide texture among the green shrubs, things to consider are the color changes in the year and whether the tree will lose the leaves in winter or if it is full of leaves year round. Regardless of the goal to achieve, educated elections are important.


The trimming of trees is the most common work performed for maintenance. Some may say that all you have to do is remove weight by removing some branches and the mission is accomplished. In a nutshell, that is true to a certain degree. But is not as easy as it sounds. It is important to understand how the natural system within a tree works. Every branch removed from a tree is a wound made to the tree. If the cut is improperly done, the health of the tree will be disturbed. Other things to consider is the amount of live foliage removed, the time of the year and the tree species being trimmed. In any case, a certified arborist can help providing the service required. Whether the trimming is for maintenance, view clearance, building clearance, road clearance or something else, a certified arborist know how to do it correctly.


Like all other living organism, the health of plants of all sizes declines sometimes. What to do and who to call? Call the experts. A certified arborist is prepared to identify the problem. It can be an insect infestation, a disease or poor cultivar practices. Regardless of the tree health matter it is, the treatment should be safe and effective.


When all option have been exhausted, tree removal is necessary. For sure this is something that makes an arborist feel emotional. When a tree has become a threat to humans or to a high value asset all that is left to do is the removal of the tree. This is an intensive job. Highly skilled personnel is required. A professional and responsible contractor trains its employees to do this job in a safe way. Since this job involves special tools, the crew members of a professional tree company are acquainted with tools and their use. Hiring a professional company for the job will give a customer peace of mind. Before a project is began, requesting proof of W/C and commercial liability insurance is always recommended.


We have it all in California. Great weather, Jobs, elegant cities and beautiful mountains. We like the mountains so much that along the years we have developed beautiful communities among them. But we have a dry season each year too. This becomes a hazard and we have to protect our homes. This task is a labor intense one. The contractor performing the work needs to be familiar with the laws regulating the area in this matter. Hiring just anyone can cost a lot. Hiring a professional company that will protect the customer’s property by follow the laws in the area is extremely important.


So, we have realized the value of our trees and the importance of their maintenance. But we also have realized that having a large amount of trees requires a well drafted maintenance plan. Inventorying the trees with an electronic system will allow to track the species and their location, the maintenance history and service recommended.


Trees provide us with clean air, increase our property value and give us many other benefits. But their maintenance can become expensive if we lose control of the cost. The Arborists at Green Valley Tree Care are happy to help our customers by creating multiple year budgets. The budget is based on the needs of each species. But it takes more than horticultural knowledge. It takes someone who also understands the needs of a client from a financial stand point.